- Wife logs onto uni website Saturday at 11pm to drop an elective, drop deadline is Monday
- Goes to course list and chooses course to drop
- "Course modification is available Monday-Saturday from 6am to 10pm"

😑 are you kidding me..

Like 😡😠 websites don't have business hours! Servers don't need nights or weekends off!! It's ridiculous to think that someone had to code this block for these hours, more effort than just leaving it always available.

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    Hey!!!! servers have feelings too you know, they get tired sometimes too you know. Give them a break!!!
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    I guess they didn't want to pay for someone to be on support
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    Behind this server is a human being processing all requests by hand
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    My sister had something similar! She was working on some essay of a political party and she chose a religious one.
    Had to email it before the end of Sunday but it was a small one which could be done in an hour or so.

    Went to their website at sunday: "because it's weekend this website is not fully available. You can check back upcoming monday!" (something like that)

    She was like 'what the actual fuck" xD
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    Pfff i was once working for a customer who wanted a website for his shop, he wanted that it can only be accessed Monday to Friday from 8-20h...
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