Non-programming related rant:

I didn't have a profile picture of facebook. So, I put one & removed the update post from timeline.

Still getting likes.

I don't want them *fb.

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    Friends can also comment on it too.

    Seems you just can't have a picture and that's it !

    Have no friends though, and no one can comment on it. :-)
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    @Nanos fyi you can disable likes and comments on your profile pic ;) have some friends that have done it
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    Thanks, I'll have to test that again.

    Last time, I couldn't find any way to stop friends from commenting, and thus people finding out who my friends are !
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    It's the cancerous Facebook algorithm....

    It becomes a recent activity as soon as it gets a single like or comment and then all of your friends can interact meaning like/comment
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    I make sure I don't like a single thing on Facebook. :-)
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