Another try to optimize app for Android Go.
For those, who doesn't know, app will be featured in special Google Play section if it fits some restrictions.
And one of thhose restrictions - app must use less then 50Mb of RAM.
So, I've decided to start from scratch.
Hello world activity without appcompat library, only Anko and Kotlin support.
32Mb of RAM
SERIOUSLY?? What the flying fuck, Google?
I hope some of you will point me, what I'm doing wrong.

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    decompile one of the other apps that fit the requirement and see their code
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    @calmyourtities checked out Google Maps Go, without decompilation. It's literally WebView with mobile version of Google Maps
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    @rostopira so i guess you have to make a website
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    @calmyourtities awesome idea. But what's wrong with my hello world? It's better to decompile it, I guess
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    Just so you know, kotlin bytecode is the least optimized low level code i have ever seen (including c# and holy cow that was some hellish thing to see), so if you want to stay under 50, dont use kotlin
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    I've seen 80mg apps in the recommended section xd well my app (a little login and register screen) that has ok http + app compat + Jackson doesn't go above 10mb. Besides these days most phones have over 1-2gigs of ram so that 50mb isnt much so Dafuq Google.
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