Little news for fellow Linux users and Windows users who want to switch.
WINE 3.0 has been released recently and I haven't seen anyone mention it here so I thought I'd share. It features support for Direct3D 11.

Also, apparently, Photoshop CC 2018 works: https://imgur.com/a/k0HI0

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    It should be abke to run Fallout 4 but i havent tried yet. Thou im amazed as to how much more wine is able to run lately!
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    @JFK422 yeah, its rather impressive when it works.
    Yeah in theory you should be able to, but i am afraid you will need a monster rig to run fallout 4 in wine with decent framerates...
    (Especially if you want to install mods)
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    Personally i'd go with F3 or new vegas, they are lighter and far better games ;)
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    @Elendil Im installing it on my system right now, ill report to you my results later :)
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    @JFK422 go for it mate :)
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    @Elendil Finally got it to run!
    Use Lutris for the installation, with the special wine build for Fallout4. (Couldnt get it to run with wine 3!) After you installed it in the vitual desktop launch it, set everything to low and disable godrays. Choose fullscreen mode so wine can autocapture your mouse. There is currently an error which prevents me of giving any input via my keaboard or mouse. (I used a XBox360 controller as a workaround.) You are apparantly supposed to change some .ini file of the game in order to fix it. Didnt work for me thou.
    Id say its about 60 ish fps (where the framerate is normally locked at!) with a 970 and a i7-4790k.
    It crashes when continuing a game. Just load the last save to work around it. Dont exit to the desktop directly because it causes a crash! I would actually continue playing it on GNU/Linux! (Just to be politically correct!)
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    @JFK422 Im looking to get it to work with mouse, keyboard and wine 3. Thou it may give me more trouble because my game is on Steam. Btw: You need the Steam version for installing it within Lutris. I didint want to test it outside of Steam or Lutris because that required me to torrent the game. And crappy internet isnt helping this either. Thou the torrented one may work with wine 3.

    Ps. I hope you didnt get bored reading through this novel. :)
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