Me: *opens FB in mobile web browser*
FB: You there! Go ans get our great Facebook Lite app! It is faster and...
Me: Nope! *clicks X to dismiss*
FB: Nope! *a wild code appeared*

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    Been there a long time by now.
    Everything's fine, scroll along.
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    Wait 2 batteries? 🤔
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    Wait, two batteries?
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    That moment when you realize

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    Just so you don't miss this question:
    Wait! 2 batteries?
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    @jhh2450 @PrivateGER yup, Kruger&Matz LIVE 3+

    @nicogramm almost missed it, thanks 😊

    @enen crap...
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    Two batteries, two SIM slots! Please don't tell me you have 2 SD card slots 😨😨
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    A) Ew, Facebook. You should feel ashamed.
    B) I really hope that regex is generated.
    C) what's the point of two batteries? Is one external?
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    @PrivateGER @Root it is 2480 mAh built in + 3520 removable, but to be honest it is not as awesome as everybody thinks.
    I did not remove it since I bought it, not counting when did it only to put another SIM without turning phone off (of course manual told me not to do that).
    Many other phones provide 6000mAh, but it was the cheapest at the time and had USB C that convinced me (I often broke standard chargers).

    @haithamSboui unfortunately not 😂 but it has 32GB internal storage so I don't really need SD at all.
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