When agile is everywhere (including toilets). Do you want me to poop in agile way? 💩💩

What can be the agile way of shitting?

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    One can apply the 7 principles of Lean SW development to Agile shitting.
    1. Eliminate waste -> don't shit
    2. Amplify learning -> eating leads to shitting, so don't eat
    3. Decide as late as possible -> crap, I waited too long...*proceeds to wash pants*
    4. Deliver as fast as possible -> use the other end, @see point 1.
    5. Empower the team -> "we are in this shit together"
    6. Build integrity in -> "OK, who made this crap? ... I made it and to be honest it was the highlight of my day"
    7. See the whole -> eating leads to coffee, coffee leads to code, code leads to release, release leads to stress, stress leads to constipation, constipation leads to @see point 1.

    Read this with "the circle of life" from Lionking to set the right mood.
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    @1989 visibility is something against the requirements
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