Xamarin vs Android Studio?
Pros and Cons?
Plan to get into Android Development in my holidays. I am very experienced with C# decent understanding of Java. Which one should I go for?

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    No point in xamarin if you arent gonna build for ios.

    Honestly, no point in xamarin since wp died.
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    I agree with what @BindView said. As an additional note, you can pass a lot of the concepts from c# to Java and work with it when developing for Android. And native will remain the way to go. Some tools that are for both ios and Android are worth noticing for some apps, mind you I said noticing, not necessarily using. But to get the most out of Android you will need to develop natively.
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    You can go with either one. Xamarin has developed a lot in the past years. But something just lacks. Something.
    If you are new to Android development, I'd suggest to go with Java.
    I know that you are experienced with C#, but if you are new to Android, the "Android stuff" will be easier in Java.
    And there is more resources in Java and a lot of frameworks for Java, so go with that! (ofc you can port that to nuget and use it, but whatever)

    And remember, if you get stuck, https://google.com/ncr and https://stackoverflow.com will be your best friend
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    Android studio. Android st is Intellij idea-based. This better that Xamarin.
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    I just remember when I tried out android studio the ide was eating a shit load of RAM...
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