An Android Developer working with Core i3 processor would think twice before building 🤣

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    I've worked with i3, (laptop, 3000 series 2.4ghz) but I haven't thought too much off it, at that point I was just a beginner

    But now: with i7 on work laptop (skylake) when build times are more then 2min - I think bout it quite a bit, instead of one "log" - I put like 10 of them in different places
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    @No-one Yup, I wouldn't wanna rebuild my project just to add one log statement. I put it like this, "TAG1", "TAG2" and so on...

    But off late Android Studio has got really fast. Sometimes it builds my project in milliseconds! Yup, less than a second!
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    @BugsBuggy same here!!! But not everything is as fast as Android studio...😒
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    Explain the caption. 😯
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    @maester-Em You have to be an Android Developer who has built projects on systems running on Core i3 processors.

    [Hint: It's slow, ugly and at times takes as long as 5 minutes to build and run]
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    Ok in all seriousness. This has actually helped when I used to program arduino stuff. Doesn't work the first time, hit compile and upload another time or two. Sometimes it misses a character.
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    i3 at 1.7Ghz. Disable some stupid plugins and there you go.
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    @Drastic build a very large project and there you (for a walk around because your project is still building)
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    I have a second generation i3...

    Fk it, I just use App inventor or python for android
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    @BugsBuggy I'm currently working on core 2 duo with 4 gigs Ram
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    @mab07 I'm sorry bro, for your misfortune :p
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