Our new IT support college (I've been the support for like almost 2 years into the company and then I moved onto another project) asked me about how to configure a printer over LAN. I explained him the whole procedure and after he asked me what does the gateway IP means, I explained him that it's a router, switch or another device that know how to forward packets on to other networks and gave him an example like and told him that usually is the router's/switch IP address and is the same IP address as the static IP of the printer but with .1 at the end instead of the last number set. After that he asked me: "Like this?"

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    ...and he still works there??!
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    dude thats actually sad. i know dozen of people with 10x the knowledge and no job. just get rid of him. this industry is already at point where high school graduate writes 5 lines of code in js and calls himself programmer.
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    sadly yes, hope he will be able to learn something from the CISCO cert., which is mandatory in his case. Otherwise he will need to find something else.
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