Any Irish people here?

I’m planning to move to Ireland in the next six months, probably somewhere near cork.
Currently I’m living in Switzerland but I’m actually german.

However, I have two major concerns:
1) my English is good but not that good. It’s probably a bit better than the German average but still far from fluent. I think in the first months it might be difficult to communicate in English all day long in the office.

Did you have any coworkers or friends who moved there from a non-native English speaking country? How did they do? Did the company have problems with being patient with those people?

2) how hard is it to find a job as a java developer with 7+y experience considering #1?

Bonus question: what do you guys actually think about Germans, am I welcome? :)

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    I've got a friend from Germany and if your English is anything close to his, then you're fat more fluent than a lot of Americans.

    And based off of this post (assuming you didn't use a translation tool), your English will be just fine.
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    @jhh2450 That’s good to hear.
    I have to admit that my writing skills are better than my speaking skills, though.

    And thanks for your response :)
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    @just8littleBit I was learning Spanish for school. I agree, writing is so much easier than speaking. I can process everything quicker while writing.
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    @just8littleBit hi, I'm originally from Cork and now living in Germany.

    As jhh2450 said, your English seems fine.

    If you've any questions let me know and I'll do my best to answer.
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    @just8littleBit ah, just saw your second question there.

    You'll have absolutely no problem at all landing a job with that level of experience.

    There are quite a few it companies in or around cork and from what I remember it's largely Java/c# (a.k.a. the better Java).

    I had plenty of non native English speaking coworkers when I was back there so it's no hindrance at all.

    As with everywhere, competent Devs are in high demand so you'll be fine.
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    @just8littleBit just as a general comment, Cork slang is... Well, it can take a bit of getting used to if you're only exposure is to BBC/American English.
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    @DasKoder cool, thanks a lot for the comments, I appreciate them.
    So it sounds like that’s not gonna be that much of a problem. More time to worry about other things:)
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    @just8littleBit when I was there last I worked for (what is now) 8 West consulting. They've got a bunch of different teams and from co-workers I've heard wildly different reports as to their experiences but they're always hiring.

    If you want to live down in West cork I would recommend talking to global shares in Clonakilty I you're happy to jump over to the
    .Net side.

    There are a lot of businesses up around the airport business park and EMC have a huge campus there as well.

    I'm sure there are more and it's been a few years since I lived there...
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    I'm very interested how it is there.

    Please, details!
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    @Root is there anything in particular you'd like to know?
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    @DasKoder if Ireland is interesting, how the people are, what the attitudes are, the work pace and availability, availability of interesting food / ingredients, overall niceness.

    Idk. Everything?
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    @DasKoder didn’t know the airport business park. They seem to have some interesting companies there, I’ll have closer look at some of them.

    Thanks for the hint 👍

    About the cork slang, you’re right. I’ve been in cork before and it’s definitely something I’ll have to get used to. I’m watching lots of YouTube videos from down there, i hope that will help me a bit.
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