Teachers at my uni can relate to this...

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    I am happy to give you your first ++, welcome to the community! πŸ˜ƒ

    Also, those kind of teachers make me not want to come back to uni...
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    @blem14 thx man ! Yeah it’s quite fun when we have to tell them how to work it out..
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    Projectors are hard. Keep in mind...he does not have an engineering degree. Hardware and software are different sides of the spectrum. ☺️
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    Has he done PhD in IT...
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    @hermitdev This. Ask me how to set the DNS servers in windows or clean it up and I'll be clueless. I'm a Linux engineer, hardly a clue about windows or mac!
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    @7root facepalm for that teacher
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    @7root A Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
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    @hermitdev haha, true tho it’s ment to be user friendly... on opposition with programming :p
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    @7root haha ! There seems to be a pattern here with these teachers
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    Its like saying because you work with
    computers you must be good at fixing iphones or develop apps. A phd. Skill Doesn't translate to working with random office equipment
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    My college professors are the exact opposite. They know how to work the projector but nothing fucking else.
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    @hermitdev @linuxxx

    Projectors are like printers that work with light. You have to replace the photon cartridges, clean the lightrayheads, check for frame jams on the inside. And watch out, cheap projectors are scams, they try to sell you expensive light later; if just the red is worn out you have to replace the whole RGB cartridge.
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    Ha ha, it’s so easy being cynical when you’re a fucking kid.

    I’m going to laugh when you fail his exam.
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    @c3ypt1c haha πŸ˜‚ kind of a problem :/
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    @bittersweet Absolutely! None of it is easy if you don’t deal with it day to day.
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    @deusprogrammer you are either a good troll or a frustrated guy :/
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    ... so?
    i have 10+ experience in programming and today i uninstalled and reinstalled visual studio rather than trying to find out how to make broken intellisense work again
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    "... doesn't know how to use ssh"
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    If it's required daily and somebody else is doing it for him, without causing trouble for students then it's fine. But if he has to do it and he is not making any efforts to learn then he is πŸ’©.
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    network & sharing center > advanced > rightclick interface > properties

    πŸ˜₯ came from years of windows
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    Yer computing is such a vast subject area nowadays I always worry that I just won't be able to do something and people will point and laugh - like this (no PhD in computer science though)
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