This is getting WAY out of hand.

So I pay for 100/100 internet right.
I get 3/17...
This has been happening for half a year now...
The closest other ISP is 200km away......

Gonna confront them but they're probably just gonna blame my 2 year old 200$ asus router for being "too old"/"too slow".


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    @namenlossss they say "up to 100mbps" so they're safe. Although they have a package that states "25 Mbps". So they shouldn't be underdelivering that package when I pay more than the 25 right?
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    Depending on where you are in the works your ISP may have a minimum guaranteed speed as well. For example, here I pay for up to 38 package and am guaranteed 25. If it goes below that, it has to be fixed or refunded. ISPs here in the UK now also usually let you downgrade packages or tell you upfront that you shouldn't get the higher package. It's also nice to have a dozen ISPs, even if all but one share the same lines.
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    Worked as a network admin ,one of my tasks were testing CPE routers and my advice : Use ISP router - these openWRT asus shitboxes are not reliable. Want a decent router better get Juniper SRX 210H or mikrotik/cisco should to fine in home environment. In most cases tho ISP routers are more powerful and actually work better than these asus/trendnet/liksys etc routers which often have 1 gig ports but low memory and processing performance of cpu which makes it impossible ever to reach these promised speeds even in local network. But people still buy them because on box there are big numbers abou wifi speeds and gigabit ethernet , yet device has not enough power to deliver both... before going to ISP just test with their CPE to be sure
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    @Avimelekh like our ISP is big enough to provide routers, I live in the middle of nowhere :p
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    @Avimelekh also, I'm very sure an expensive Asus router won't be too slow to handle 2-4 devices where only one of them is a PC
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    @Avimelekh don't really understand the point in buying a router these days. The ones provided by most ISPs have come a long way and are more than enough for most users.
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    @Wozza365 *The ones that are provided by most ISPs*
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    @Wozza365 Exactly, I'm not most users :P Working as consultant - so i have my own test lab in home . 4x HP proliant G8 servers with decent conf to run my kubernetes cluster and LXD experiments, Juniper SRX 210 and 340, Cisco 881, Cisco 3750, 2x Cisco 2960 switches to test various network architectures . + few junk mac pros and hp workstations for domain controller tests :P
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    sorry dude I got none of that 😂
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    @Wozza365 /r/technobabble lol
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