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These days I am either slacking or working on things I like. Hence the lack of ranting.

So one of those "working-on-things-I-like" activities is my slow and snaily collab project. 😅 Today I am aiming to accomplish like 0.1% of it 😆 by finishing the github login feature. I have done the OAuth part. Just left with designing table structures and storing user data.

I plan to save login credentails into *users* table and other app related data into *profiles* table. That's what we usually do with users and profiles anyway. But I'm stil having a little bit of doubt regarding the proper way to store the game statistics like user's health, user's experience level etc.

If I am just showing the current statistics on the app, then those 2 tables are enough. But what if we want to see the progress of a user? hmm 🤔

I guess I will just leave it to decide later. 😬


If you don't know about it please check here https://cursemeslowly.github.io/dev... Any form of contribution is warmly welcome 🤗

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    So.. habitica? whats different?
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    Wow, that sounds really cool!

    "Everyone can create an app using the api"

    ...devCoin miner here I come!
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    @JoshBent gonna be open source. And well everything will be open for integration or creation.

    So let's say one of the default ways to earn a point is by integration of GitHub account and activities of the github profile. Then any interested developer can implement similar things for gitlab or bit bucket, etc.

    But well it will probably take very long to reach that stage. So for the early version, ugly and minimal habitica clone 😬 LOL

    @Andi well yeah you can 😝 (Note to self : don't forget to write a very solid disclaimer) 😆😆
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