How to legitely stop falling a sleep at work? Walk around outside. Get some sunlight. Find a store. Buy ice cream. Get back. Feels ok af.

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    Eat, smoke, drink and never sleep, that is the key to die and never sleep again at work


    Go out, having sex, doing sport: stuff that make your body tired naturally in order to sleep properly at home and not at work :)
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    @irene I would say «google is your best friend» ;) and it's not that complicated. People usually put themselves some barriers they have to remove themselves ;)
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    Are we talking "nap" sleep or "night" sleep? If you aren't sleeping at night, definitely fix that first.

    But a nap is totally okay, and you should work to get that accepted at your work. If you can't .... well, let's just say your company don't want you in your best state.
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    @irene, well pornhub is a good start, i'll let to check this first and i'll come back in one month to see if there is any changes for you ;)
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    @irene irene irene, did you lie to me ?
    First search on google about your issue lend me to this


    Have a look, we'll speak later on :)
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