My company just got a new developer to work on a legacy PHP app.

My boss was boasting about how this guy has more years of professional experience than me ( I have 9 months of experience and he has been working for 4 years on PHP).
Today was one week since he started and I had him set up a REST API, I had to explain to him what json_encode does and how http requests work.

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    4 years of CRUD can do that, he’s probably never had to do anything outside of form submission before.
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    No need to specify "legacy" when talking about PHP, it's implied.
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    I guess he only deal with crud app, not with api
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    @NGPixel pissed my pants when reading your comment 😂😂😂😂😂😂
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    OOP at least?
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    Well, he implicitly stated that he has been working on procedural PHP so I guess OOP is probably out of the picture.
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