Shame on Apple to use AngularJS on their iTunes Connect developer portal.... and probably other sites.
Today I discover that while inspecting the source code in search of an element that might have been hidden or missing and to my surprise I saw angular code in it !! WHATTT? !! shame on Apple... the links of the iTuneConnect still mention WebObjects (a Java based web-building framework that was never adopted by the mass) but the client code has Angular on it. How is it possible that they did not try to come up with their own framework for web applications ? They started the entire web-widget html/Javascript adventure, promoting modular web component and what not to then adopt a Google made framework ?! . No wonder they are syncing again. :D ... of course I am just runting... I love you Apple.

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    *clears throat*

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    @PrivateGER That was my second thought, but the first one is "Apple calls Google daddy"

    Go report it to The Register. Within a week, they'll have "Apple is Google's Bitch" on every headline lmfao.
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    I get your point and I’m surprised too. But Angular is never a “Google” product. It’s a 20 percent time personal project by a google employee. If Apple uses Ploymer that would be truly surprising.
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    @PrivateGER well... less and less
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    @cyanly Even Aurelia is not a Microsoft product but is daddy is a Microsoft employee . The last Aurelia newsletter (Jan 16th) mentions Microsoft products everywhere (Azure, Office360) and now full conversion to TypeScript... quoting " Three years ago, when we started work on Aurelia, we didn't feel that TypeScript and its ecosystem were mature enough... . [but now] We believe that a full conversion of Aurelia will ..." (oringinal post: http://aurelia.io/blog/2018/...)
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