When I first learned to code - like everyone - I felt the need to try as many programming languages as possible. After the comforting syntax of myClass.MyProperty/myClass.MyFunction()/C#, the $ symbols everywhere made me want to vomit...
Fast forward 2 years later. I learned a bit and wanted to make a website backend. Checked my hosting - which was purely a frontend thing at the time - free PHP hosting or £15/month for ASP .NET hosting...
I begrudingly wrote my first .php file, hating my life.
But by the end of that night my relationship with PHP was already cemented.
And that's why I like PHP.

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    I also like PHP :)
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    @PrivateGER I'm no expert and have only dabbled in personal projects, but it is cool. I've seen Laravel in action and although yet to try it myself, it looks like it's very powerful.
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    You should realy take a look at Laravel, it's an amazing php framework! 😁
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    Always tell people that I like PHP because all I'm thinkin bout is that sicc cash $$
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