Sorry !dev-related, But:
In our grocery store there‘s a 0.5L coke for 0.99 under that there‘s a 1L for 0.98 and around the corner there’s a 1.5L coke for 0.99

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    yeah, stupid marketing or "extra" stupid marketing to confuse people or themselves at least xD
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    survival of the smartest
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    Someone who drinks lots of coke will take 1.5 one and praise it's so cheap.
    Someone else who needs small bottle of coke (in transit or something) will don't care it is overpriced.

    Also if most of people will buy big bottle, they will consume more, which may make them used to it and buy even more, since it is so cheap. This way, instead of spending 0.99 once in a while, they will spend it more often, generating income.
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    Someone who is a parent will buy one small bottle, and then keep refilling it with 3L unbranded coke for 0.99 when the kids backs are turned..
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    moral of the story, don't buy coke, there's plenty fluid coming out of the tap.
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    @marthulu unless you try to preach about being green, and then there is not plenty of fluid coming out of your tap
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    They may be bought at different prices. Happens in my business
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    @hubiruchi i don't get what you're saying sorry.
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