I think I misled Google because it just serves me German ads the last three weeks while I am Dutch.

I am not using a VPN.
I listen German music and watch some tutorials in German.
I rarely talk Dutch online and I talk quite a lot with Germans.

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    They are helping you to learn German language.
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    good guy google
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    Google is never wrong. You may be German but don't know about it? Ask your mom 😉
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    @gurumeditation nope, an uncle checked our family tree until the time of Napoleon. All dutch.
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    @Codex404 well then, you can assume that someone has access to your internet or youre adopted
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    I use between 4 languages on a nearly daily basis. You have no idea what crap i get on youtube, google or any page that has ads or user directed content.

    For example: Korean beauty surgery, German Army, Montenegrin newspaper, Swedisch pc magazins.
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