"Back in the days, you had to put a lot if effort into getting WiFi working in Linux.
Today, you can take a Linux notebook, slam it into its dockingstation with all kinds of peripherals attached to it, and it just works"
~ my boss

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    Lot *of effort
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    Nope not really.
    I had to setup my laptop using usb tethering because it has no lan port and it needed some special driver to get the wifi to work.
    (Dell XPS 13 / Manjaro)

    It wasn‘t a lot of effort but it was effort nevertheless.
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    Yup! I've been using Linux for nearly 8 years now and I've only had to install specific drivers once (for a hp printer and hp even has executable installers for that for linux)
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    @LuPaw @daegontaven guess it depends on the hardware you're using, dell works good from my experience 😛
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    Do not even try to install(or better, don't even think about it) some cheap old webcam on Linux, you will spend a week searching for the right driver trying random suggestions on various forums and then find something that should work but you will need to modify and write some C code first - without any knowledge of C (lucky me - I know Java and I tried some stuff with Arduino). It worked in the end but man... Never again, I will rather order a new one that is known to work out of the box.
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    @D3add3d who needs webcams anyways :P
    Webcams are Spy(Hard-)ware!
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    @LuPaw monitoring a 3D printer ;-)
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    @D3add3d did you ask the printer if he is okay with being spied? :P
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    @LuPaw no :-D it has no choice as long as it keeps getting stuck, overextruding and underextruding
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