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Migrating a 200 GB database in production
What could go wrong?

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    I can tell you I moved a 3Tb db once and it worked out well.
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    I wrote scripts cor everything, so db migrations are a breeze even when wasted. 😄
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    @Root until you select the wrong script to run 😛
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    How did it go? My DB migration failed when my home internet connection bottomed out to turtle speed once!
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    The migration?
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    @CurseMeSlowly 😅

    They all have confirmations, so hopefully I wouldn't be THAT out of it.
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    Thats the only way to do that!
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    Good luck, you will need every cent of it
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    *literally everything* fly you fool!
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    Good for you! There are plans for me to migrate 1.5TB ora db w/ ~1TB of blobs to postgre. I heard migrating blobs to it is an exceptionally pleasant and relaxing job!

    Guess I'd rather update my cv now and go cry a little
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