My client has this unique way of reminding me it's a Monday

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    Why didn't you answer? Do you work from 8 to 5?
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    Return each call at Sunday 3am
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    Soo not unique. Haha
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    Why are you not answering? If I was your client, ie if I was paying you money, I’d be pissed too.

    Not very professional.
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    I clock out at 5pm, if i answer at 5:30 the client is 100% going to ask for some stupid changes that will keep me there til 8 for no reason. I turn my work phone off after 6pm
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    @SSDD he's not paying him to be oncall 24/7. Calling 8pm is uacceptabelt unless it was agreed upon beforehand. There is something called a personal life.
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    @Pavr yes, 8pm is bs. But the customer has been calling since 5pm. I don't know a single Dev clocking out at 5, which is why i asked. Customers that get ignored get angry, and will try to reach you at late as they want.
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    I clock out at 2.30pm but company hours is 9am-5pm. I don't know what times they offer, but since he's not picking up i am guessing he called to late.
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    @SSDD I clock out at exactly 5pm.Even if am still in the office past 5, it's because am working on my personal projects or reading something new like a new language/framework.The client knows that. I think he's the one being a jackass. Once he did call at Saturday night when I was in a fricking party to complain about an image on the website
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    @simpleJack @bdhobare you could answer at 5:30, it’s hardly an unsociable time to call someone. And you don’t need to do what he says there and then.

    “No problem, I’ve finished for the day but we can pick this up in the morning”
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    @SSDD it's not really about whether it is a sociable time or not. If the man is off work he doesn't have to pick up. If you start picking up after hours he will think it's acceptable and never learns not to do it. If he had a need for something urgent he should have an contract allowing him to call out of business hours and get charged accordingly.
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    @Pavr difference of opinion clearly but the difference in career earnings of the contractor who answers his phone at 5:30 to his client and the contractor who doesn’t will likely be stark.

    There are a multitude of ways to deal with this situation that are infinitely better than just ignoring the repeated calls.
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