I am making my first dashboard/summary page without a tutorial! Once I learn D3 via a Udemy course, this will be 93% done!

I just want want to see what you guys think?

Some text is removed as I shared it on FB and the business I am making it for is following me and they have NO idea that I am doing it for them.

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    Hey quick question : did you pick this project as mean to learn d3 or pick d3 because it was the best tool for the job? If it's the latter, why?

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    @Commodore Well, technically D3 chose me. I am partaking in a Udemy course and when D3 came up in what they'll be teaching in the course, I instantly knew that creating a dashboard will become a reality. I needed something that showed data, so I thought making a dashboard would be an awesome opportunity to learn it and be useful for the business I am making for.
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    Make sense, win win scenario then 😊
    Good luck in your endeavor
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    That's some nice starting design for a dashboard. The first dashboard I made was awful, and right now I'm finishing an admin dashboard for a client that really sucks (the dashboard, not the client), but he likes it anyway.

    Keep going!
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    @juankortiz I am using Bootstrap. As my skills progress, I plan to do a complete redesign with pure CSS but, right now, I am practicing mostly the back-end.
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