Well fuck. This laptop was nice, then the hinges decided to remove themselves from the mount points. Also a metal side rail mananaged break as well...

Anyone have good suggestions for laptops? Prefer machines with a distro of Linux on it, but not afraid to install

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    Desires (such as portability)?
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    Or if you have time, patience and willing to experiment, you could start with a single board computer like Raspberry Pi, get the rest of the parts like power bank, portable monitor and HDD. Together you can make a customisable laptop/tablet, multiboot to RetroPie, Kodi and Fedora
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    @jhh2450 Good build quality, preferably aluminum housing, portability and battery life are the main areas I care about.

    Trying to keep this under $1k
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    @Toshib-htr Dell XPS 13?
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    @Toshib-htr Hmm. I'll look around a little bit.
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    @agentQ Was going to suggest that, but the under $1k version has some weak specs.
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    If you're somewhere in the UK or Europe, Entroware sell computers with Ubuntu or Ubuntu MATE pre-installed. They even offer an option of no OS installed:

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    @smallTalker thanks for the link, but I'm in the US
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    Lenovo has decent laptops with good prices.
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