One of my colleagues is ex-military.

As much as I respect these guys for their service, I have never experienced so much stubborn insubordination in my entire career.

Anybody else deal with these types?

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    my boss is ex-military, and is one of the most patient, compassionate, and wonderful people I've ever met.

    So maybe your implied theory of causality is just you projecting your frustrations onto an abstract idea, instead of a person who is your coworker, and a twat.
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    I'm active duty military and I can say your experience with vets may vary. We hire idiots and ass holes too. Sometimes they slip through the cracks and don't get straightened out. Sometimes they're just holding a grudge against you for some arbitrary reason. We do tend to be vindictive. Frustration with him is perfectly natural. Just handle him you would any other ass of a co-worker, the best way you can, cause that's what he is. And please remember we're not all bad. PS Bob Ross was a veteran too and is my post service roll model.
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    thank-you both, I believe you are right.

    I guess some have a hard time readjusting to civ life
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