I wonder how long before people get twitchy thinking I’m hacking just running some database load tests

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    I often get that at cafes, like some girl thought i was hacking the wifi...like wtf
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    Sometimes I tail TCP dump on screen at work just to pretend I’m busy. Especially around 4pm my brain is filled with what to have for dinner.
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    @cyanly I oftentimes dump the content of some book I'm reading, into my editor and read the text with some sort of syntax highlighting on.

    Usually that's enough to fool most and frighten other devs from skimming the actual content :D
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    Use light theme before the muggles call the cops accusing you of programming a bomb!
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    Lol the other day the news had something about hacking and they showed a clip of someone misspelling 'sudo' a couple of times
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    People don't realize "hacking the wifi" or similar is like saying the bagger at grocery stores cooks the food you buy lol just weird
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    I once sat coding in the school break Hall and a random guy came up behind me and pointed towards my screen, then he screamed "HACKER!" and ran away.
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    Reading this rant

    My head: "the fuck is load test?"

    A bit of googling...

    My head: "Holy fucking shit! This is amazing! Why has no one ever told me about this!??"

    A moment of thought...

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    @Nivlagx that is a very good question...
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    @Nivlagx same thought. But not the company part since I'm not working for a company
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    I get similar reactions running rspec and selenium. Self driving browser?! 😲
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    @Michelle But where is the fun if the cops don't get involved?
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    Ah, true haha.
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    Go to a coffee shop, pull out your Linux laptop and run "hexdump -C /dev/urandom | grep 'ca fe' ".
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    Green text, definitely 1337
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    @Nivlagx it’s well worth doing, I was simulating multiple inserts and updates at a rate far greater than ever going to be in reality.
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    Is that [falls down] Win [starts coughing] dows ?
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    @notroot certainly is.
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    I've gotten this response when playing Dwarf Fortress during a flight layover. 🙄
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