Today, a junior asked me this.

Well, my answer was bias and obvious.

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    cute question
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    Linux is whatever you want it to be.
    It's hackable to your every desire.
    Majority of big servers trust it.
    Easy to compile anything on.
    Package managers.
    Open source.

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    one mesdage is all you need:
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    The terminal outweighs like 95% of the bullshit. I got looped in back in 2015, and haven't left since - since when the fuck did getting your apps from sketchy websites become acceptable??
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    @mgagemorgan Tinfoils seem to think it's perfectly acceptable, preferred even.

    But yea, I agree with you.
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    Maybe he/she could use linux and still use ui to install some stuff
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    I use Linux and Windows and all I can say, applications for Windows are far way better. Let me just list few: Total Commander, Notepad++, Winamp...
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    ...just gonna point out that a terminal user interface is still a user interface...
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    I think you're referring to GUI. UI is just user interface, which a terminal is.

    Also that was a terrible, cocky answer to a sincere question from someone looking for knowledge. Please treat juniors with respect, we were all juniors once.
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    @AlgoRythm Just to let you know. That was my instant reply.
    I did answer her question clearly after few more conversations. And she is a friend of mine, to be precise more sort senior whom she can reach out anytime and always ask me lots of different questions on various topics.
    This was on of the many conversation that she has seeked help from me. And, each time I did help her otherwise she would have ever pinged me again whenever she run into a new issue. And don't her intelligence for asking too many questions. She is quite an intelligent girl too. And I am all cool helping my juniors who are actually inclined to learning technologies.
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    I feel like moving back to Windows is like starting a foot race and saying I'mma shoot my self in the foot is that ok?
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    I wanted to switch but my laptop has a 1080p 13-inch display and scalling sucks (on Linux) so I just run Windows 10 with Bash installed. Works quite well!
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