i used to stan KDE before i learned of lxde and xfce...

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    What is wrong with kde?
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    @Linux It's a bit heavy but a perfectly usable DE.
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    I would like to add my recent experiences. I have been using Ubuntu for about 3 years now. I decided to switch to arch linux as my Ubuntu would eventually slow down to the point of taking 1 minute for bootup and 30 seconds to shutdown.( I have reinstalled Ubuntu countless times to solve this. No more). I tried arch linux in VmWare with i3wm. It will bootup in about 6-7 seconds. But I decided to try out antergos when I installed it as my triple boot option. I tried KDE plasma 5 and it's taking 20-30 seconds to bootup. Why?? Because KDE is heavy. I'll recommend not using KDE if the speed was your reason for the switch. Next try is xfce or cinnamon. Thoughts?
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    @Dacexi 160mb ram on my netbook. Gnome uses at least 250 on there :)
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    @linuxxx wait how can it possibly be THAT light? A fresh arch install with i3 uses like 200mb for me?
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    @nik123 yeah I have. And arch is not edge Lord. You're thinking of Kali lol
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    I can't stand KDE. I tried. No luck. Anything else really that's not Qt based.
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    @Dacexi Idk haha, I don't dive deep into it :)
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    @mzeffect gtk for life
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