I don't wanna ask (insert search engine of your choice) but devRant today:

How would you define a
- nerd
- geek
Is it an insult or status to be proud of?

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    I consider both of them as insults.
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    "Nerd" is a term full of negativity. Geek depends on the context, but is also quite negative in my opinion.
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    @teganburns Yup.

    To be a geek you read comics, rulebooks, or watch TV.

    To be a nerd you read documentation, text books, or watch tutorials.
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    For me they're both insults. While they might acknowledge your intelligence/curiosity they're also used to alienate people because they have a deep interest for a (often technical) subject.
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    @JustKidding As a nerd+geek I like it when people think I am an alien.
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    Both are status to be proud of for me.
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    Both pride here too
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    My favorite definitions (not original with me):

    Geek: One who is good with things requiring mastery of precise detail.

    Need: A geek with money.
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    @powerfulparadox definitely money is involved for "need" 🤣 joking.
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    nerd... someone who can do or understand things which most people can not di/understand

    geek... someone who is completely crazy about something (what many people don't understand)
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    Nerd for me is someone who takes interest in relatively obscure things (not mainstream) and is passionate about them.

    Geek for me is more related to computers and an individuals understanding of all things related to it, as well as deep interest on the subject.

    Both are positive to me. Sure they might be used to alienate me, but I bet I'm a whole lot more interesting than the shallow idiot calling me that. I take pride in what I know and what I ask, and that's what both represent, wealth of knowledge and curiosity.
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    Geek isn't really used in the German language (it seems so at least) but nerd is neither an insult nor something you can be proud of.

    It's like "smoker" or "perfectionist", something that describes someone, as many people commented already.

    I call my friends from uni often nerds when they did something computerish. (Being a nerd myself all the time)
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