"A Single Line of Computer Code Put Thousands of Innocent Turks in Jail"

I'll leave the title as it was, but people were hunted down just for having been once logged by a tracking pixel inside a messaging app.

Simply terrifying, I hold that off for a while, since it sounded like the usual fakes, but it seems its not, as more and more keep confirming it.

"The government eventually exonerated 11,480 of the wrongly accused, but some had already spent months in prison, and reportedly some even committed suicide."

"Elif finished dressing her youngest and watched police search her family's home before they took her into custody — for using a messaging app the government deems seditious.

She knew the arrest was coming. She'd already lost her job, because traces of the app known as Bylock were found on her phone"

"The regime relies on logs from the country's ISPs to identify users of Bylock, fingerprinting them on the basis of their communications with Bylock's servers. These communications can be triggered without using Bylock, though: Bylock's tracking pixel was used for analytics for pop-up ads and in at least eight apps."




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    Fuck Erdogan and his fanatic regime.
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    @jAsE taken from the article: "This particular pixel was used by Bylock, a messaging app that the Turkish government deemed seditious, in their purge against Fethullah Gulen loyalists."
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    it felt like a freaking dystopia...
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    More of an issue with the government than with the app if you ask me.
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    Someone should make phones that have a faulty pixel exactly where most analytics pixels would go. Problem solved.
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    @mzeffect not sure if thats a joke? but it doesnt matter if they are displayed - the browser still does the request.
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    Fuck spying
    Fuck tracking
    Fuck censorship
    Fuck control
    Fuck oppression
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