Call out to all web developers out there... what IDEs is everyone using?
I started with notepad++ a few years ago then moved onto atom... I’ve tried a few others but never really got attached to them. Is there any other, anyone thinks is better than atom?

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    Sorry, i’m on Mac and never used those. But if you ever get a Mac get Coda.
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    @helloworld I’ve never really been into Apple products, but I’ve recently just got the iPad Pro 12.9, and I’m absolutely love it. So who knows if in the near future I might move over to the Mac side. Thanks for the suggestion.
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    I prefer VSCode for my React stuff. It's awesome. You should definitly give it a shot!
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    @helloworld that’s actually pretty cool. I might buy it, especially because I use my iPad on the go quite a lot.
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    Thanks everyone, I’ll be sure to check all those out. It’s actually pretty amazing that people feel that way towards atom, I’ve had a few issues with it, but i just ignored them.
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    I don't like Atom. It's too slow for my taste. I've tried Vim, but I never got into it. Tried Sublime and notepad ++, but didn't like it either.

    I'm in love with VS code and nothing else.
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    @ work: phpStorm
    @ home: VisualStudioCode

    Simply because I don't want to pay so much money for private projects.
    Because actually I prefer phpStorm.
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    PhpStorm and WebStorm are the best
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    First used notepad++, then atom, then vs code and now I started using vim. Wanted to do it for a while, but didnt really have the time to learn because of school deadlines. Now started using it and jesus, vim is awesome!
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