Boss: The site is slow, just redo the site in HTML5. HTML5 is fast.

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    Yeah I hear a lot of people talking about  “the magic of HTML5” when it’s just some back-end stuff or js
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    ^"code a game, ENTIRELY IN HTML5 using css and Javascript".

    Maybe your boss just meant its fast, like, "HTML5, oh yeah, I'll get that done fast." But he's probably just an idiot. 🤔
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    I heard a PDF file is even faster
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    I mean it will be fast. It will look like shit and won’t do the functions you want it to, but if I only use HTML5, the site will be fast
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    Overheard the CTO at my place telling a dev the "HTML5 is fast" line today
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    It's all about Silverlight.
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    @Hastouki, nah man everyone knows EDGE is the fastest...
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    So did you do it?
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