WTF?!? Why do I have to sign in to your app, but can only uns „Sign in with Google“ and „Sign in with Facebook“? Well fuck you and your app, not gone use it than!!!

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    You're saying that like they care if you use the app
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    I actually prefer o use OAuth. Remembering all these different accounts I'd have to create is tough.
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    @NoMad he is messing with the wrong user, he will be missed :3

    Seriously now, I wouldn't consider @Argentus answer as an insult or stfu to the OP, I see it as just an opinion :\
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    I'm just pointing out that the app creators probably don't care as much as OP implies they should and that he is in no way entitled to the world bending his way.
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    @Argentus Chill and don’t take everything so serious, of cause I know that they won’t start to cry because I won’t use the app 😂 I just wanted to share my thoughts about forcing the usage of Google and Facebook to login to an app without providing a option to use something else 🙂
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    @NoMad Well said! 👍
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    @NoMad it could but lets face it, companies release for profit, if he aint a customer they don't care. sad but true.
    Anyways just try to keep that ranter one piece :3
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    like @gitpush said, app designer's job is actually to care for app owner's interest - which may very well be "don't spend resources to get people who don't use Google or Facebook - we don't need them".

    App creator can freely choose to do anything that suits him. User does not have to adapt to the app, he can freely choose to use or not use it. And all of that is fine, no one is obligated to do anything. Everyone can make their own choices - even if they are sad or stupid, even if they result in shitty product. That's all I'm saying here: personal freedom.
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    Very lazy to google what is the app about.

    If the app is only useful/targeted for google and/or facebook users, then the developers are not lazy and good marketing.

    If not, very lazy developers and bad marketing team.
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    @CurseMeSlowly Nope, not specific for Facebook or Google users. App to support learning with flashcards.
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    @PuzzlesDev they can go die then.
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    @jAsE Or just click "log in with Google" once and be done with it. I don't know...
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    @jAsE Firstly, I don't think Google is going anywhere anytime soon.

    On the second point, you'll be angry at them no matter what. If they give you access to your old account you'd say that they would let anyone see your data with enough social engineering. Basically what happened to you is a good sign of how seriously they take personal data protection.
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    @jAsE Well, we seem to have fundamentally different opinions on some stuff relating to privacy. It's not like I'm going to convince you to use Google here, not that I would care to do so even. Do whatever you like best, I just like OAuth best.
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