I love how Apple advertises Windows computers on the nr=etwork with BSoDs.

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    Yea, they have been doing it for a very long time.
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    @ribchinski just got a MacBook and found it funny, didn't use MacOS in a while.
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    The funny thing is that a Linux computer also gets recognised as a mac.
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    @RobertSmits does it? I’ve never seen it. But then again, my Linux computer isn’t shared on the network.
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    @jAsE oh no, I’m not hating, I just found it funny. But what is this cursor bug you speak of?
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    That's the graphical equivalent of “Micro$oft”, “Crapple”, etc. So edgy.
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    @7400 I mean, they both hate each other.... so ...... meh.
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    @jAsE interesting... I’ve never gotten it, but then again I barely resize windows.
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    @jAsE I’m not familiar with the cursor bug, elaborate please?
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    @jAsE you expect me to scroll down and follow along the thread before mindlessly posting?

    You don’t know me very well. 🐒
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    @Gerrymandered yeah, I have never come across it either
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