At my new job, we had all day training on Friday. It was emphasized many times that we should not be late. I look at the meeting invite many times, and it says [123 Fake], with Fake being a Very Well Known Street, and I see on Google Maps that there's an office building there. Great, we must have an off-site training facility to help our clients become certified in our product. It doesn't say which floor, but I assume the small space we have in that large office building will become evident once I check in with lobby security.

Friday morning comes, I get to the office building 20 minutes early, and try to check in. They've never heard of my company. Maybe there's a computer lab we rent out? No, they don't know anything about that. I don't have work email or slack set up on my phone yet, so who do I call? I try reception, no one answers. Eventually I call our customer support line.

I shouldn't be at 123 Fake St. I should be at the office. Because that's the name of the conference room!


Last night my boyfriend and I tried to think of worse names for conference rooms. The only ones I could think of were "meeting canceled" (but with that, at least I would be in the correct fucking building!) or just naming every conference room "conference room". Here's the thing: there's not just one 123 Fake St room! There's two of them right next to each other! So you can easily show up and think, I remember I was supposed to be in this room, but which one?

And I'm not even the first person to make this mistake. CLIENTS have gone to the wrong building before because they get included on meeting invitations that include conference room names! WTF!

It's pretty common to have Chicago conference rooms named after neighborhoods, or iconic buildings, etc. But nobody is going to think, "meeting in Bucktown? I'll just wander around the neighborhood until I find people with laptops". It's obviously a conference room. BUT A FUCKING ADDRESS OF A NEARBY OFFICE BUILDING? It's not even an iconic of a building!

Names matter. I care a lot about names in code. I never realized it could apply to the physical world as well. So now I am on a mission to change the names of these Goddamm conference rooms so I'm the last person to be directed to the wrong fucking building.

OH, and I'm out $9 for a taxi ride and a pair of gloves that got lost in the taxi so that's GREAT.

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    Trolling, corporate level
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    I'm trying to write a comment but I can't find any words for such stupidity. You can't make shit like this up, holy shit.
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    This is the building I erroneously went to. Cool looking? Yes. But it's a normal office building. It's not the Sears Fucking Tower or the Shedd Fucking Aquarium.

    The reason the conference room referred to it by an address is because it doesn't have a name. If it doesn't even have a name, why are you naming TWO conference rooms after it?!?
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    ++'d for using "Sears Tower" like a true native. That Willis shit is rachet and I refuse to acknowledge it.
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    @Nanos OH MY GOD. The "worst conference room name" my boyfriend came up with was naming the rooms after floors they weren't on. We both laughed because surely no such thing could exist in the real world.

    Truly there is no end to human idiocy.

    (but at least it's still the same building!)
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    Try established old-fashioned german companies. Meeting rooms are named MR3.1@Tower, MR3.1@Central (floor.room@building), etc.
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    I like the trolling. But seems bad for business... Unless you want customers with a good sense of humor.
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    A true rant. Thanks for making my day!
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    Lmao but come on, who reads 123 Fake Street and thinks "this is legit"? That's like filling out a fake address on one of those websites that wants to know everything about you before letting you download a demo of their software so you use the address "123 Nosey Cunts Street".
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    @fullyerectcolon ... Obviously it wasn't actually at 123 Fake street. I substituted that for the real address, for a slight level of anomnity.

    So I ask you: who reads "123 Fake St, where Fake St is a Well Known Street" and assumes I haven't obfuscated the address 😂
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    @Christine oh dear, ignore me, nothing to see here... Lmao
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    @Nanos there shouldn’t be a 13th floor. Almost all buildings go 11-12-14 for floor levels. At least in North America.
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    Wtf, it all should be:

    Room 1
    Room 2
    Room n
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