While I'm still struggling with Webpack and Babel. There's one light in the end of this abyss. Dear @AlexDeLarge is reaching out and helps me with all his experience. devRant, what a wonderful place.

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    So far I've only used Webpack Encore in combination with Symfony 4.0 it's kind of a dumbed down version. But yeah, the struggle is real!
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    @AlexDeLarge there's no chance I give up. I want to use it, because I think it's pretty cool and usefull. But it's hard to use!
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    @AlexDeLarge I definitely need a development machine with Debian. 🤔
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    Am I the only one who never dares to use anything on windows other than Java & .Net development?
    It is nice to see the great spirit of devRant :D
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    Struggled with webpack 2, for some time.
    Took one weekend, used nothing but the official docs. Was able to set up everything to work perfectly.
    MOST IMPORTANT, create a boilerplate so you don't have to redo everything agian
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    Thank the Lord devs for making "create-react-app"

    Otherwise I wouldn't touch react with a 12foot pole cause of the webpack
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    @AlexDeLarge yeah makes sense

    I'll probably ditch it once I know enough to do stuff without it
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