Wrote my first code as an Intern for two weeks. Sent for code review. 30 different bugs 😔

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    It'll get better 💪 Learning by doing
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    Call the exterminator!
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    So you're the intern everyone rants about? 😉
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    You will have enough time in your internship to improve yourself as much as possible!
    Nobody will blame you for your mistakes as long as you're not messing up someone else's code.
    So take as much advantage as you can and goodluck!
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    I hire interns all the time. Nobody expects perfectly bug free code in the beginning. You'll be fine, everybody starts this way.
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    Sounds like my first GitHub contribution.
    It was a simple Php if statement which was slightly different from the one above it so I copied that one, changed the condition and return value. Nothing else!
    When I created a pull request, I got like 5 replies saying that the tabs were off (which they weren't when I checked in the browser and my IDE). After every reply I would go and fix it, either in brackets or the github web editor but the next reply still came in.

    Felt like an idiot while I don't think it was my fault :p
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