dang thats an expensive ass renewal fee

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    What the fucking hell 400k seriously????
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    + ~$3 per year for the WhoisGuard, it's definitely not worth it.
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    @jakobev no lol look it up urself if ya care

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    I mean the renewal fee is not really the problem here...
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    @JS96 you can use the code PRIVACYPLEASE on name.com at all times to get whois for free πŸ˜€
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    @liammartens ok, so it's more affordable now, but spending $15 every year it's still a bit too much.
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    @hacker Almost didn't ++ because it's not a gif. Missed opportunities man, missed opportunities.
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    That is what proper use of a meme looks like.
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    @jhh2450 aw man, I'll make up for it next time, hahah
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    @liammartens thanks but @JS96 is right, the problem is that being a poor man, i don't have $14.99 to spend at will
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    @Floydian i dont want my info with google

    @JS96 i love fucking you
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    @calmyourtities too much, calm your titties πŸ˜…
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    @Floydian i really hate how you brought that up. my info would have been safe from google, had my fcking school district not voluntarily made a deal with google and now i have a school gmail account with my name, birthday, not to mention they can track literally everything i do because we use chromebooks. i dont have facebook, i dont have whatsapp, i have a finsta but it has no pictures of me and doesnt include my name, and i have a twitter where i post random shit and follow elon musk and donald trump for laughs, but i dont have personal info on it.

    @JS96 you can if you want to😏
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