Yesterday night!

Yeah it was Saturday night but not for me. I was at bus stop and my jiofi device was in back pocket and after some time I was coming back to my room and thinking let's switch on wifi. After that my mobile was not connected to jiofi so I thought may be jiofi out of charged. Later on when I was checking in my pocket I realize that I missed it on bus stop!

Actually this jiofi device is my first salary's garbage:D

That's why I was little bit worried.

So I went back to stop and saw nothing was there. Disappointed but wait, suddenly devRant notification came and mobile vibrated so I checked and I seen that my mobile connected to jiofi and then I checked carefully, it was there!

Actually jiofi was placed in opposite face so that light was not visible but I got my jiofi back.

Thank you devRant notification:D

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