I don't understand why every non-technical person who comes to do work in my apartment messes up my fucking router.

The cleaning lady - multiple times knocked the antennas partially off. Like fucking clock work. I don't get it, why is the cleaning lady attracted to my router antennas and why does she need to be so hard on them? Whatever.

The most ridiculous episode was today. And it wasn't the cleaning lady. I had a few people here doing some work today and the woman in charge who was here informed me before that they might have to move the furniture "a little."

I come home, and like a bad omen, the plastic parts on BOTH my router antennas are missing. Completely gone. It's just the the wires. Now, the router still works fine in my tiny apartment, but it is a fancy Asus router (I learned the hard way not to buy cheap routers) and I'd like it to not have fucking wires as antennas.

I email the woman (paraphrased):

Me: hey, it seems the antennas got knocked off my router, do you have any idea where they might have went?

Her: Apologies if we didn't put everything back (no shit you didn't, that's why I've had to email you). If we knocked the antennas off the router (fucking "if"???? I literally just told you in my email that they were knocked off) , they are probably somewhere by the window on the floor (they weren't).

And I still haven't found them. Why the fuck do these people seemingly attack my router? I can't figure out what it is about it. You would think people would be more careful around electronics but naaah. Anyway, going to go keep looking for my router antennas.

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    Had this where I live (loads of rented rooms in one big building) and to solve it we placed the router on a closet thingy about 2 meters above the ground!

    But seriously what the fuck in this case.
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    First rule of service fuck up's: admit nothing and/or blame the customer
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    I can't tell if this is the AC1750 (kind of looks like it) but it's part of prime day, I believe, on Amazon. Might be worth getting a backup at this rate. Idk why people seem to attack your router like there's a bounty on its head...

    Edit: @dfox it is on prime day, I can't tell what the price will be from the app, but the deal is coming up soon
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    I was interviewing house cleaners a while back (a luxury I still haven't justified the cost of, but I keep trying because wow, that would be nice)...

    We walked into my home office and I saw this absolutely terrified expression come over their faces.

    I let it stew just a little longer than necessary and finally broke the uncomfortable silence with "Yeah, you probably should just skip this room completely."

    "OH, THANK GOODNESS!" was their exasperated reply.

    Aside from cost, that is one aspect that's holding me back from hiring someone - the amazing amount of damage someone with a careless sweep of a vacuum pole could do... Ugg, just gives me the willies...
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    @linuxxx haha, honestly, that's what it feels like - like it needs a layer of armor at this point.

    @taylorviktorya thanks, not a bad idea, I will check out the Prime Day deals. Honestly though, the router still works/worked great and it's kind of insane that two antennas have gone missing in my tiny apartment. I can't help but feel that right when I buy a new router they will both turn up. It's driving me crazy looking for them lol. The router is a RT-N66U. It normally has 3 antennas but I decided to just use two since I have a very small apartment where all corners are easily in range.

    @cdrice that's a great story and smart move on your part :)
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    Here's a photo of the spare antenna (banana for scale) to show how crazy it is two of these vanished in my tiny apartment.
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    @dfox I am now wondering how big your apartment is 😆
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    @dfox I don't think I need all 3 or 4 of mine, i can send you some! Lol they're for the 1900, but I'm fairly sure that doesn't matter
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    @dfox Well, now it's obvious - they were hungry and took them to snack on. Moving furniture is hard work. #BananaScale
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    Just fucking fire them
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    This is why i keep my router pinned down
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    Well my modem is on Mom's room, so Everytime she gets angry she disconnects it, and I'm like "damn mom I'm freaking 20 yo, and I need to work", stillyou should put the router on a Cristal box with motion sensors around it
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    Consumer routers, they deserve it
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    I am getting frustrated, and angry and raged just by looking at the picture. Make them pay for a new router. Take them to court. What a bunch of idiots.
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    Make a fence painted in white and red stripes, with the warning "nuclear prototype, stay clear "
    Or just get a price tag of 2000 euros /dollars/ spice/ minerals and a ticket, "you brake it, you buy it"
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    That's becausr it looks like a transformer and people want to kill it :)

    But seriously, I hate that, too... Why can't they fucking do their jobs? In my case a backpack has gone missing (nothing really in it) and a few rags. I mean, wtf? And I keep thinking nah, I must have just misplaced it, but a freaking backpack didn't turn up in my dozens of searches around my one bedroom apartment... It's a cheapo one and my expensive Deuter one is still with me (would literally murder them if that had gone missing), but still, wtf? The rags I can kind of understand if they tought they were used up (although I had pretty much just moved into the apartment so they were new but whatever), but the backpack? God dammit... I hate people working in the apartment...
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    Maybe if it didn't look like an afterthought just hanging around with wires and shit they might take better care of it.

    But hey, if you can afford a cleaner I'm sure you can afford a new router haha
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    Poor router.
    Good rule of the thumb: don't trust other people around "your" equipment until it's secured enough a little child couldn't destroy/reach it.

    (My roommates are also slightly ... inconsiderate people while cleaning. So the router's now screwed to the wall. I just wish I could secure my printer in a similar way and not have random items lay on/in it at times ...)
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    Are you not grown up enough to do your own cleaning?
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    Because they are cleaners and those antennas make that shiny router look weird...

    Or because the router looks like an alien device so need to take a piece of it to submit to Area 51 so they can get it analyzed and get rewarded for discovering extraterrestrial technology

    Regular cleaning lady: *ASUS? What is that... Let's poke around a bit, pulls of antenna "by accident"*

    I'm sorry @dfox, I accidentally knocked off your antennas (please don't beam me up to your mothership for dissection)
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    I once had my computer destroyed by the cleaning personnel at a previous job. I don't know how, but they somehow managed to send a spike through the power supply by nudging it with the vacuum cleaner. A bang and smoke coming out of the computer. I was actually quite happy though, and told the cleaning woman she needed not be sorry, because I then got a new, much better, computer :D
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    Forgot to ad a smiley (";)") to my first comment. Of course, I'm only envious that some people can afford to hire people to do their cleaning and other boring stuff, giving you more time coding :)
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    My router hides under a pile of laundry. Security by obscurity FTW!
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    Meanwhile, I don't have to worry about antennae 😆😄 (it's a fibre optic connection BTW and this router, which is coming from my carrier, has pretty good range)
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    I like practical solutions, which is why I'd surround the router with bear traps and claymore mines. Either that, or get a nanny cam or smear fake poop on the router or something, not that it'll help your current situation.
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    Thats why I bought a AC router from Netgear with internal antenas. My Mom always destroyd or broke off the antenas on my old router.

    How the fuck can people manage to break this fucking things off? Anger issues with routers? Nazi Routers? NSA hate?
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    @dfox put your router in one of these
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    Really anything with antennas, if anybody but yourself is likely gonna dust off around it..
    Put it in an obscure and / or unreachable spot..

    Personally I have my routers on top my closet and in a locked desktop drawer :)
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    Just ask for the money for a new router....
    And say they will loose a client if they don't pay for a new one.
    Won't happen again, they won't even get close to anything expensive
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    @chilledfrogs i have the same rgb strip remote for my desk setup. What do you use it for?
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    @taylorviktorya haha thanks, but I'm going to keep looking, I still have hope they will turn up :)

    @matsaki95 it wasn't on the floor when they moved everything. It was on top of one of my speakers.

    @tahnik thanks, yeah, it was upsetting for me too but honestly it's not a huge deal since the router itself is still fine and at this point the main issue isn't even anything broken, it's that they are too stupid to recall where the antennas might have went after they fell off.

    @RodrigoF lol!

    @Bikonja that sucks :/

    @badcopnodonuts it wasn't like that to begin with. It ended up on the floor after they moved everything around. It used to be on top of one of my stereo speakers.

    @nin0x03 definitely. I learned the hard way but it'll never happen again. If there's any possibility of it getting wrecked, I'll disconnect it and put it in the closet next time. I like the idea of attaching to wall :)

    @billgates lol, actually I think that has some truth to it. At least for the cleaning person who always used to knock it off. They definitely liked to make it look shiny. Maybe they thought the antennas were a bad look haha.

    @TerriToniAX Jesus lol, that's some fuck up on their part. They outdid themselves there haha.

    @mt3o be careful. I had a landlord in college who claimed that a fire in one of his houses started from a router being placed under clothes. He was a complete scumbag so I wouldn't put it past him to lie, but just a heads up just in case :)

    @nosoup4u lol, that'll teach them!

    @lotd definitely, will be doing that next time!

    @RodrigoF it's not really a situation where I can do that. I wasn't that clear - the latest incident was a different contractor, not a cleaning person.
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    They probably chucked the antennae ... "shit! Hide the evidence, they're broken anyway, he won't notice!"
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    At least you have cleaning lady!
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    How to solve your problem :
    Newspaper ad:
    Looking for house made with It background.
    Must know how to mount and repair computers
    Language skills required : Advanced on JS web development
    Special requirements : Must understand that rubber ducks and other replacements for such are tools, not toys.
    Hardware requirements : vacuum cleaner of X brand knowledge , microwave and hoven advanced user

    Plus: good ass and must work in mini skirt
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    @taylorviktorya ac68u I have one
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    @DjSall Just as an ambient light behind the TV 😆😄
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    Get a Google wifi.,budy
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    Mount it on a wall or where you think no one will touch it ... simple
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    Well at least they broke your antennas and not the fiber-optic cable. (Yeah they t
    Did that at my place.)

    Oh got the same router by the way!
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    Housekeepers stole my mother's wedding ring and her grandmother's engagement ring. Just because they could. She was planning to give them to her granddaughters when they got married. People. Can't trust them. Can't shoot them.
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    @stackodev that's where you're wrong, you CAN shoot them. I do it with my camera, but you can use whatever :)
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    Those ppl... No respect for router 💢
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