Is Mac book Air good for android app development using Android Studio?

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    Anything for that price will be better... But yeah, it will do it's job
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    Stupid question
    Android Studio runs the same on Windows, Linux and Mac OS
    I've used it on all platforms, there is no difference at all
    But Linux and Mac OS has normal bash, so it's better when you start to dig deeper
    And which MBA exactly?
    You need at least 4Gb of ram to run android studio, but it will be enough only for beginning
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    Also what he said -> @rostopira
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    @rostopira 8 GB RAM 128 GB ssd Hard drive and 1.8 GHZ processor speed.
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    @bendee frequency isn't the only important spec of cpu
    But let's assume, for beginner it will be fine
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    @rostopira not a beginner been working on windows machine for long time with linux flavor called bunsenlabs (hydrogen) and want to change to mac cuz the spec and design but i don't want to spend a lot at first .
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    @bendee what the point of switching to Mac? Design? *facepalm*
    I would rather switch to Pixelbook
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    @rostopira pixelbook really?? why??
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    @bendee because there is goddamn TOUCHSCREEN and ability to run regular Linux on same kernel as Chrome OS (which uses precompiled Gentoo kernel)
    And screen which is better then retina (even Linus Torvalds use Chromebook because of screen)
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    Do. Not. Buy. A. MacBook. Air.

    This piece of shit hasn't been truly updated since it first launched, it still has a shitty 1440*900 ffs. Unless you find one for less than 300$, it's just a plain bad deal.

    If you need a Mac, buy any buy the MBA. If you want a Mac, buy any buy a MBA.

    Just, don't buy a MBA.

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    @CptFox πŸ˜• ok what other laptops would you recommend ?
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    @bendee Similar in size and weight, I'd recommend the 13" MBP Retina whole heartedly. It shouldn't be too hard to find a good as new one for a reasonable price, and the high res screen will change your life (use Retina Display Manager to get the full power of space out of it).

    Non-Apple, the Zenbook family from Asus has nice design and build quality, and will allow you to get more processing power as well as extensibility (don't forget that Apple even solders the SSD on recent models, so whatever config you buy it with, you'll have to stick with forever). It's quite diverse, so look them up for yourself.

    The Dell XPS 13 is also excellent and was just refreshed with 8th gen CPU, which are a big upgrade as far as U series Intel CPU are concerned.

    My advice is to never cheap out on the screen: it's your main interaction with the thing, and you can't replace it. Also, for me, IO is very important, but that may not be your case, but just keep in mind you can't change that either
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    @CptFox thanks on the good adviceπŸ‘βœŒ
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