System.out.print(“My life sucks so bad”);

*Started a new job in january - no motivation to study in school.
*Girlfriend dumped me after 5.5 years (she met an awesome co-worker to hang with) - i had to move out with all my shit and find a new place to live.
*Losing friends who i made when i was with her.
*No motivation to finish any of my projects.
*Had christmas and new years with her - shittiest of all years.

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    I know exactly how you feel... Im so sorry mate. The next weeks are gonna be shit, but in time you will raise up like a Phoenix!! Stay strong and talk about it, you're not alone.
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    @Floydian Because I'm bored af
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    @Floydian hell yeah
    Is it about researching?
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    Stay strong and I hope you will resolve all your issues in following months. Wish you the best. :)
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    My girlfriend broke up with me New Years Eve after 3.5 years. I saw it coming a month and a half out though. She met someone at her college.

    You'll pull through. Find an interesting book to read, if you don't feel like working on your projects. It'll give you something to do
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    Spent new years eve alone and left my now ex wife new years because she didn't want to be in the same house as me... To be fair the marriage was done two years before that we just made it official
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    from emotions import sadness
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    @Floydian ;)
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    @chrisebryan I'm sorry for what happened. But don't give up. Find something to distract you... Learn something new idk... And, time for a sudo apt-get upgrade... Stay sharp!
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    @Floydian bro ftw
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