I spent two weeks on a feature.

The feature goes up

15 mins later the manager decided to scrap it cause they don’t like it anymore.


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    1) you've got payed
    2) you've got experience and practice implementing it

    Whining is meaningless. You were asked to do some work and you have done it. It does not matter what the client will do with it afterwards. They can print the whole code and shove it up their ass if they fancy that. 🙃
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    May you find peace, Miss Feature
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    @hinst they murdered my feature and now I’m gonna murder th… my will to live.
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    1) technically I got paid… but the amount of bs for that feature honestly hurted me… stomach, teeth (clenching them) loss of sleep… not worth that amount of money

    2) nah, it was just a lot of repetitive work, no challenge and it was on a topic I already knew… most of my job was fighting against the shitty code, poor project structure, impossibility of making a local environment aaaand managers changing ideas 24/7
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    only two weeks? Oh you're just getting started! Yeah it really sucks when requirements can't be put into stone let alone half melted ice cream.
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    @uncaffeinated88 Mhh to be honest I had some work which the whole team worked on for months be scrapped, but this is the first time I see someone doing this in the face of the dev after so little time! Usually it takes a month or so which is… understandable to a certain point!

    (Or if they take so little I’d expect them to involve security issues/legal issues/etc)
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    @iiii shitty managers can be like:
    "What have you contributed to the team?"
    "Feature X"
    "We scrapped that feature. I mean what _useful_ things have you contributed?"

    It also hurts more if there's profit-baaed payment.
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    @eo2875 holy moly. I'd rip his skull open for pulling such a stunt. Oo
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    @piratefox why aren't you seeking another job then?
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    2 weeks and you were stressed out. Damn. That hurts.
    And it's also a significant percentage of your annual production.

    Do you have any kind of teamlead or just a retrospective to vent to?
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    @jiraTicket yup, but the team lead being bad means most of the retro are just “give us numbers so we can give them to the bosses, don’t care about your opinions” or they ask for feedback and ignore it…

    Leaving the place asap
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    @piratefox oh. The org is rotten to the core.

    Then I'd make sure to tell some co-workers about why you're gonna leave. That might at least make the higher ups feel bad later on.
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    I spent 9 months building a specific tool. Then one day the business people said they found a third party solution and would like to use it. So 9 months worth effort of my team went to absolute waste. Our year end review's gonna look bad
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    @Xamenyap sometimes you wonder if they understand they are throwing away a shitton of money
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