When people take a photo of their computer screen instead of taking a screen capture...

This has to irritate more than just me? Haha

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    Its easier to take a fast picture with smartphone from computer and load them up
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    @jakobev that's true but the quality is always so, ehh.
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    That's probably me huehuehue
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    I used to hate it as well

    Then I had to use it for couple of times and needless to say it's faster than transferring

    Well the quality depends how you take it

    Either way you get the point across
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    I dont use the website or devrant on my pc so I take a photo with my phone, if it bothers you youre welcome to skip my post
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    How do you get the picture from your phone to your PC.. ?

    That's always far more complicated than it should be !
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    If it's working, just settle with it.
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    Handy when you need to take a picture of BIOS settings.

    But then, complete torture to save it anywhere !

    Eventually I managed to create a Flickr account and stick them there, but it took like an hour !
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    Once I was at a friend's house and he had a printed out picture of a computer screen taken with a phone hanging on his Bulletin board.
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