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    Horse: "This ain't your average BSD"
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    My favorite part about this rant was that it used You're / Your multiple times and didn't mess it up once.
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    Distro, you son of a bitch!
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    @mclark1129 it's funny. We, Brazilians, are not good in English at all. Actually, we suck in our own language, but that's another topic. I am not sure if it because the Portuguese, ow the way we learn English, but basically no one here confuses "you're" and "your".

    On the other side, people use to confuse "mas" and "mais" that means "but" and "plus".
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    @mclark1129 Interestingly, it’s mostly native speakers that mess the two up. For those that learnt English as a second language, there’s no way in hell someone can mess up “you’re” (which is you are) and “your”.
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