"Can you get me free in app purchases?"

"Well i mean lucky patcher is kind of a gray area but I guess if y-"

"Can't you just have it with the command prompt?"

"I don't know CMD, I know Java."

"But you said you could code!"

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    "Ok nevermind do it yourself then cuntbag. Oh wait....you can't. Fuck off then and let me do it. You don't know what the hell you're talking about, so kindly shove a rusty knife up your ass and pipe down." ~ My slightly over dramatic but tired of this bullshit reply lol
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    I also get the classic "can you hack ____'s Snapchat?" Because I'm in Cyber security. Man if this is what being in IT is like I'm not sure I'm ready for internships @jhh2450
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    100% @d3vnu11
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    I've seen a lot of powershell and bash in pop culture but man too many people think that you just say "boolean hacked = true;" and say "I'm in" and that's hacking @d3vnu11n
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    did you try opening command prompt and setting the color to hacker green and then proceed to mash your keyboard and then yell “i’m in”. it works i saw it in a movie, that’s all hacking is. so easy.
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    yeah dude anonymoose are such idiots like just go to hackertyper.com lol @ThatSoftwareGuy
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