• 33
    One. Makes me feel like a Ninja πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  • 31
    Single. I can stretch the eyehole so that i can put food in and eat
  • 29
    Rapists usually prefer the latter (you know, for mouth access) and let's face it... a hacker is pretty much a rapist "penetrating" a system without concent... Anyone with me on this? Anyone? I.. I will show myself out...
  • 12
    And all this time I was just stretching out my sock…
  • 14
    Guy Fawkes Mask. Duh!
  • 15
    Pfft. Noobs. Noobs everywhere.
    This is called a "Monkey Cap" in my country. And is the ideal choice of legends, obviously.
  • 6
    The 3 hole one and my crowbar, for serious hacking sessions!
  • 3
    @sebasdeldi no, u asked, we answered.
    Also my hair gets messed up so no time for caps/hoodies, Jack fast and leave.
  • 25
    Don't need a mask...when I have...THIS!
  • 0
    Three hole design only if you're using one of the voice assistants while hacking! Lol. The irony!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  • 6
    I prefer to seal my web cam with a red scotch tape
  • 1
    Green wood, large eyes opening and specialy mouth opening to smoke.
    I'm ex military, have my own passa-montanhas
  • 2
    @n00bn00b 10 1+ for gift and epic glove
  • 1
    I sticky taped my webcam
  • 1
    @lumi Red fedora? Please not while using Red Hat
  • 1
    @cyberlord64 unpatched systems were asking for it. So patch modestly if you dont want to attract 🀣
  • 0
    @lumi need some guidance while starting to learn hacking ...Childhood passion
    Currently a web developer
  • 1
    3 I need the mouth hole for my Mountain dew and Doritos
  • 0
    1 is cooler but number 2 is more practical when you need energy drink!
  • 1
    Them: "Since you're doing development now what kind of books could I buy you to help out?"

    Me: *Names several JS and JS related books*

    Them: "Here I got you these!"


    Massive stack of like 8 Java books.


    Well, at least their trying to help haha I'll give them that.
  • 2
    Lets get some originality :p
  • 0
    I would take the first one just so I don't have to buy another for counter strike.
  • 0
    Just realize the rant I could never find was commented on here...fml...
  • 1
    Without the mouth hole my glasses steam up.
  • 0
    5 3/4 holes
  • 1
    Also...Guys...Have we considered...........
    😎😎😎 subnet masks 😎😎😎

  • 0
    @VirtualProtect just have no eye holes
  • 0
    The three hole for easy breathing
  • 1
    3 hole. Repository for Cheetoes.
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