The interview was for an internship, I was so nervous about it and thats how I fu*ked it.

Q: So you have studied OOP?
A: Yes Sir, I have studied OOP in C language.
And the rest is history. 😃😃

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    Ill see myself out.
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    And his reaction?
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    @lotd Or will you C yourself out.

    Iknowiknowiknow, but what if he ACTUALLY missed it :D
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    @2stxff welcome and have your first ++
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    @bdhobare many thanks. Been lurking for a while, but had a rant brewing. But had to comment on the above first..... naturally
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    my university actually offers an oop with c course for some reason
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    Well, in C you Can define structures with "fields" and function pointers, so in a certain way you "can" oop in c.
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    @artonbej His reaction was 'C? Okay, I understand' and then after a moment I realized what he understood. 😃
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    I guess you heard the wrong answer buzzer sound as in a tvquiz in your head
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    "why doesn't they appreciate my passion to create structures of pointers to functions and calling them methods... Why aren't they understand that C++ is just too complex and error prone, but i do love oop and just need to do it in pure C because i can't use java or c#, i need to keep it closer to the metal for that particular task.., They probably think I'm retarded"
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