How come devrant app doesn't use login by Google/fb/GitHub ?

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    Many don't use it/ew fuck no/I'm not sure.
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    Y do u need ,if u have basic Auth!?
    Those are just options!
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    Why connect accounts from which you can easily be identified and join it to a platfrom to rant about coworkers, friends, etc.
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    devRant let's you stay anonymous. Logging in with one of those accounts links to real life where employers or anyone else can see what you rant about.
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    It can just be an option for us who are ok with not being anonymous.
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    @sans-sherif No point in making a feature that maybe 1% to 5% of the population would use.
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    Actually you would still be anonymous even if you used OAuth to log in.
    Devrant would know who you are, sure, but the users wouldn't know anything. So it's a question of trust in devrant. They already have your approximate location from your IP and they can cross reference that with you rants so I'd say they could get pretty close even now. Hell, some doofuses drop their real picture here to make it even easier.

    So I don't think it's a privacy thing, the people who care the most for that kind of stuff implicitly trust devrant, so much so that they drop their portraits here. Obviously for them the Google/Facebook part would be the problem because, you know, reptiles and mind reading aliens yo.
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    @Froot yeah I think that's how imgur has it implemented
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