Recently I tried to apply for a job and the company sent me a task to complete. It was on Java, write an app to sort input file with ability to choose a method and dislpay it. GUI with Swing or JavaFX. They said normally it will took 8-10 hours to complete it and they wanted to see, what I can do in 4hrs. So after 4 hrs I've done~75% and sent it and after 2 more I've sent the whole app with monkey-proof protection (validations, prompts, etc). So total of 6hrs. I've followed MVC structure and implemented OOP principles.
They liked it and this Thursday I'm having an interview 😊
Wish me good luck :D

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    I'd give you the job just based on that.
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    Good luck
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    That's awesome, good luck.
    Which one is easiest to learn and make gui for Java?
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    @arturnmk so what's the verdict? Did you select them? Did they select you?
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    @yendenikhil Thanks for asking :) an interview went pretty good. Not the best, but I didn't failed it. He (director) seemed to be interested in me and positively commented my projects, but I lacked experience in Spring and I have kinda failed a question about Maven (some basic question, don't remember what it was...) But otherwise it went quite smooth.
    He gave me some future advice about my CV and said they will inform me next week (at this point I've already understood the they will not), because it was a hard decision for them, since I am a student and can't work full-time and also inexperienced with Spring :/

    They didn't called, I didn't called either.
    I guess they didn't wanted to raise a specialist and have a prepared one instead
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    @arturnmk it is too bad to reject on basis of experience, they knew your CV and if experience was requirement (fucking mediocrity than meritocracy) then they shouldn't have shortlisted your CV at all.
    Anyways, lots of fish in the sea.
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